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Our vision:

"We believe in a world in which equal opportunities and development are promoted in solidarity and on an equal footing."  

Our mission:

"We support projects to reduce poverty and promote equal opportunities that are initiated and implemented by people from countries in the global south."  

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Mizizi eV is a non-profit association based in Heidelberg, which was founded in 2019. Together with our steadily growing team of volunteers, we promote sustainable projects in countries in the global south.  

Our work is characterized by the fact that we focus on the local people. We are convinced that these people know their country and its structures best and know which measures can bring about sustainable, positive change. For this reason, we do not carry out projects on site ourselves, but work exclusively with local partner organizations who plan the project with our support and implement it independently. We provide financial and advisory support on topics such as organizational, strategy and project development, project management and fundraising.

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