We believe that people from countries in the Global South know best what is really needed locally and in their community and how these needs and requirements can be met.


At Mizizi e.V., the locals and their ideas are the focus. We support great projects that have emerged from communities - from the idea to implementation. Because only in this way can we make development cooperation sustainable and effective. Locals know the local structures and resources best and are therefore the real experts when it comes to planning and implementing sustainable projects in their countries.


Our guiding principle is to encourage locals to put their own ideas into practice. We support you in your project through organizational and project advice as well as financial support. We see ourselves as a kind of start-up aid and incubator for socially and socially beneficial initiatives. The projects that we are pushing should ultimately be continued by the initiators independently and independently. We therefore work with an “exit strategy” from the start. Our work is always geared towards ensuring that the project can continue to exist independently from a certain point without our support.


Mizizi e.V. works exclusively on a voluntary basis. It goes without saying that every cent donated goes to where it is needed!